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Company Culture

One、The core of corporate culture

Business philosophy: people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, the pursuit of first-class, to achieve excellence

Entrepreneurship: "Dedication, integrity, teamwork, perseverance and innovation"

Quality policy: customer first, win-win cooperation, continuous improvement, prevention

Environmental policy: continuous improvement, safety production, pollution prevention, compliance with laws and regulations

Mission: customer is God, so that 100% customer satisfaction is our goal; the same time, the company established a good customer service team, regular communication with customers, providing customers with high quality professional services. Sunking will work together with all partners for a better future.

The company's unique entrepreneurial background, a wide range of cultural integration, formed its own unique corporate culture. Companies pay attention to personnel training, sound system, well-being, a good system of personnel training and incentive pay system for employees to provide a broad space for development. Talent is the key resource for enterprise development and market competitiveness. Sunking has always taken talent strategy as the primary strategy for the development of the company. While focusing on its own personnel training, it also actively strengthens the introduction of talents. In management, good at knowing, employing and educating, focusing on high performance, encourage employees to challenge themselves.

Two, The concept of talent

Integrity-based, public-private clear; all corners of the globe, do their best; performance-oriented and share the growth.

SUNKING believe that honesty is the foundation of being a human being, honesty is an important factor in selecting talents.

SUNKING from all corners of the globe, the same can be universal for the family; the same is the top three, as long as talent, there is a suitable place to do its best.

Selection and promotion of SUNKING is a complete performance-oriented, meritocracy is SUNKING invariable talent selection principle. The same position, outstanding performance will never be ignored.

It is the responsibility of the enterprise for employees to share growth with the company. Employees contribute to the development of enterprises, they deserve the rewards and development deserve. As long as the contribution to the development of enterprises, individuals will be able to get development.

The company is located in:

Three, Innovative ideas

Continuous improvement, never stop innovation, innovation is the soul of SUNKING, there is no innovation, there is no more than, there is no future of Sunking

Four, Learning philosophy

In order to Everlasting, but we do not have the ready-made way to go, we must continue to learn and grow. SUNKING is a learning organization, learning is that each of SUNKING must do things for life, in "doing of studying, learning to use."

Five, Business philosophy

Steady operation, the effectiveness of priority, enterprises bear the dream of SUNKING people, the pursuit and the future. In the fierce market competition, we must insist on sound management. Every part of our work must be based on the effectiveness of enterprises. Everything must be carefully analyzed and researched. We can not blindly pursue high profits while ignoring high risks.

Six, The value comes from quality service

Everyone in SUNKING is a waiter, everyone is being served. The value of work comes from the good service between each other. Not only to allow consumers to use SUNKING products feel good service, but also to allow our internal customers to enjoy quality service. Whether work is valuable or not depends on whether you can provide quality service to your clients.

Seven, Management philosophy

Management Simplify the truth is always the most simple, management principles should be simple. In simple terms, everyone can understand in one sentence.

Eight, Attention to detail, focus on results

SUNKING believe that the real solution to corporate crisis is a subtle trivial thing - the devil in the details, the profit in the hand of every employee. Trickle trickle into the sea, the details around determine the success or failure of our.

The company is located in;

Nine, Unity and cooperation, the system victory

Today's era is not the era of self-determination and personal victory. SUNKING’S each member units must work together to enhance system efficiency, in order to win the competition advantage.

Ten, Quality-oriented, everyone responsible

Quality is the life of the product, the quality of the product depends on each one of us. In the enterprise, no matter what position you are in, will have an impact on product quality.


Introduction of the three strong running groups:

1. Background

On February 16, 2019, Huizhou Sanqiang Line Co., Ltd., under the leadership of the company's general manager Wan, established and established the "Three Strong Running Team", and established a WeChat group at the same time, and the company invested in formulating the team flag and team uniform. ,running shoes. There are 14 members in the first phase of the group, which are composed of middle and senior management personnel of the company. Our slogan is: happy running, beautiful three strong! Our aim is: to run out of health and happiness in a healthy, happy and free public welfare organization activities, run through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and run out of the top three!


The size of the running group has grown from 14 people at the beginning to 20 people. With an open attitude, the group sincerely welcomes the top three colleagues who love running to voluntarily apply to join.

2. Group rules


The group requires:

Meet at Huigao Track and Field at 06:30 every morning, and roll call at 06:35.

The monthly attendance rate of all team members should not be lower than 50%, and at least 5 kilometers of regular running activities each time; those who are unwell are not required.

The new members will be uniformly customized by the company for team uniforms and running shoes to show a coordinated corporate image and spiritual outlook. The cost of team uniforms and running shoes shall be paid by the company. If the monthly attendance rate of the group is less than 50%, and the time of participating in the group is less than 6 months, the cost shall be borne by me.


The group will be removed from the group for any of the following behaviors:
1. Without the approval of the company, conduct illegal and commercial activities in the name of the running group; conduct detrimental to the name of the running group;
2. Those who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the group and the circumstances are serious;
3. Not adding or harassing others for the purpose of running or other bad motives;
4. The chat content of the WeChat group is unhealthy, insulting, abusing others, attacking group friends, sending indecent videos, indecent expressions, etc.;
5. Those who join the running group without application.
Special reminder: After the routine run ends and disbands, you must abide by the traffic rules when you return voluntarily. If an accident occurs due to personal violations or violations of national laws, you will be responsible for your own responsibility.

3. Our happy run

Running out of health, running out of happiness, running through spring, summer, autumn and winter, running out of the top three!

4. Services

The platform information of the group is as follows:

Group name and WeChat name: Three strong running groups

Members of the service team:

Captain: Yang Haiguo Vice Captain: Wan Zhengyuan Supervisor: Li Xuewen

Team members: Zou Gangwen, Shi Guoliang, Yang Penghui, Yang Zhiyong, Zhu Xiaoyou, Ye Youchong, Cui Xiaogai, Ling Yibo, Huang Zhihua, Liu Bo,

rice tiger.

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